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The School Of Martial Arts offers the best available classes for self defense in Chicago, IL. Our experienced teachers are trained in anti-bullying programs, self defense lessons, and Tae Kwon Do classes in our safe and modern martial arts center. In an increasingly unsafe world, self defense classes give you the skills and strength to navigate your life with confidence and power. Give yourself the priceless gift of self defense training today!

Our Tae Kwon Do training provides a total body workout that exercises every muscle you have. You will see improvements in your physical stamina and functional strength almost immediately. In addition to being a fantastic way to relieve stress, Tae Kwon Do also teaches practical self-defense skills. We can never be too careful with our own safety, and our martial arts classes will give you an indispensable set of skills for protecting yourself.

The goal is to not only teach you self-defense, but also to improve your overall health and wellness. Each self defense instructor we hire is experienced in teaching professional classes designed to help you quickly master the skills necessary to defend yourself in real-world situations. From protecting your purse or wallet, to saving yourself from potential assault, our self defense classes focus on tested techniques to protect what’s important. Our reputable self defense training has brought students the practical art of self-defense for years. Don’t underestimate your ability to defend yourself without a weapon – try our classes today and discover your new capabilities. 

Early on, we knew that people who seek out self defense and martial arts are looking for specifics when it comes to fitness. They want diversity and variety, they want a discipline that will go to work on the problem areas of the body, but also the problem areas of the mind. You'll feel fresh and anew whenever you go through one of our strenuous routines.

Our self defense classes feature Tae Kwon Do lessons with a focus on everyday application. We work to help you build the confidence to stand up against assailants. Possessing the physical skills necessary to defend yourself can help you build self-respect, self-confidence, and assertiveness, all traits that have positive effects in every area of life. If you’re tired of feeling weak, incapable, or uncomfortable in public situations, you can do something about it! Just about everyone is capable of mastering simple self-defense principles that, when applied properly, work! We strive to teach in a way that helps level the playing field between people of differing sizes and strength levels so that you don’t have to be at the mercy of someone bigger and stronger than you. 

No matter your goal is, we can put together the perfect self defense class schedule for you. By combining classes, you will become a well rounded fighter. Call us today!

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